The 2017 International Design Conference is the 4 th in the series of the design conference first launched in Nairobi in 2009 under the auspices of the Network of Afrika Designers (NAD). The conference is a biennial event hosted on a rotational basis by African universities and derives its name from the host city. The 2017 edition is therefore being hosted by the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana hence the name NAD-KIDEC (KUMASI INTERNATIONAL DESIGN CONFERENCE) 2017.

The NAD-KIDEC 2017 theme: Sustainable Development Goals in Africa: the role of Indigenous Design Concepts will be held from 11th - 13th September, 2017 in Kumasi, Ghana.

The KIDEC 2017 theme is a follow up on the KIDEC 2015 theme held in Kampala - Design Unlimited: Indigenous Design Processes for Development. While we greed that modern designs giants owe a lot of their successes to the indigenous designs, we feel that much can be achieved for the Sustainable Development Goals through indigenous concepts, practices and ideas; especially in Africa. The theme therefore is chosen to reflect how through indigenous processes in design, can be used in the successful achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa.

Target Audience

It is on this background that we welcome all people who believe that design (and specifically indigenous concepts) forms part of their personal and professional ambitions, careers, and activities to participate in this multi-disciplinary design conference. These included designers, researchers, engineers, scientists, managers, environmentalists, educators, technologists, government officials, IT specialists, systems architects, media specialists, architects, planners, developers, artists, etc.

The conference will welcome papers on the following sub-themes but were not limited to

  1. Indigenous design theory and research
  2. Indigenous knowledge systems
  3. Design concepts and education
  4. Design Knowledge and Collaborations
  5. Design concepts and the environment
  6. Indigenous design concepts and climatic changes
  7. Design concepts and Entrepreneurship
  8. Sustainable indigenous design concept
  9. Ethics, legislation, regulation strategy and policy

As well as topics that relate to the following:

  • Development
  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Education
  • Research
  • Industry
  • Interaction
  • Social impacts

Call for Sponsorship and Exhibition

The conference is being organized by the Faculty of Art, College of Art and Built Environment (CABE), KNUST. The Organizing Committee for the 4th NAD-KIDeC 2017 invites you to participate as a sponsor at the conference, to be held in KNUST, Kumasi 11th - 13th September, 2017. This would serves as a unique opportunity for you to promote your company and market your brand to influential stakeholders to an international community.

Sponsor participation at the 4th NAD-KIDeC 2017 will give your organization a unique opportunity to increase visibility, promote your brand and showcase the latest advances of your research to an interested, highly qualified local and international audience from a wide range of backgrounds, expertise and influence.

4th NAD-KIDeC 2017 welcomes all forms of support from industry and research institutions. The sponsorship program includes benefits, such as printing the company’s logo or advertisement on the webpage, conference book of abstracts, conference handbook and proceedings, and the opportunity to distribute brochures and/or other material to delegates. We encourage you to explore the benefits of participating as a sponsor and/or exhibitor and secure your preferred options.

We look forward to welcoming you to Kumasi in July 2017.

Please contact the conference’s sponsorship chair for more information and to arrange your support of 4th NAD-KIDeC 2017.

Sponsorship Chair
Dr. Samuel Nortey
P: (+233) 0244 842 286