Prof. Dr. Aguinaldo dos Santos

Prof. Dr. Aguinaldo dos Santos is a Professor at the Design Department and Design Post-graduate Program, Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), Curitiba, Brazil. Since 2003 he is the coordinator of the Design & Sustainability Research Center at UFPR. His background studies include Car Mechanic Technician – (SENAI/PR, 1984-1986), Civil Engineer (UFPR, 1988 – 1992); MSc on Civil Engineering (UFRGS, 1993 - 1995); PhD on Operations Management - University of Salford, England (1996 – 1999); Post-doctored on Sustainable Design – Politecnico di Milano (2008/ feb-2009). His main research interest is Design for Sustainability, with focus on solutions for low-income families and on product-service systems. He carries editorial, referee and ad-hoc activities on journals such as Ambiente Construído (São Paulo), Construction Management & Economics, Design em Foco, Estudos em Design, Product (IGDP), Journal of Disaster Resilience on the Built Environment and Journal of Construction on Developing Countries.

At CNPq (Brazilian Funding Agency) he has coordinated the high committee on Design and represented Design at Fundação Araucária (Paraná State funding agency). He is on the Advisory Board of the Sustainable Maker Project (2013-2016), sponsored by the European Community. His recent projects include: LeNSin Project (Learning Network on Sustainability International), lead by Politecnico di Milano and sponsored by the European Community; Crowd-Design (funded by CAPES/Life Program) (2014-2016); Leapfrogging the low-income consumer on energy and water consumption (funded by FINEP/CNPq) (2008-2013); product-service system for rainwater harvesting on low-income houses (funded by CNPq/Tigre – 2009-2011); Kits do-it-yourself for low income housing (funded by FINEP/CNPq - 2005–2008): Methodology for designing sustainable products for the electronics sector (funded by CNPq - 2004–2007); Methodology for designing sustainable products on cardboard (funded by Embrart/CNPq - 2004–2007); Methodology for designing sustainable products made of marble/granit (funded by TECPAR - 2002–2004); 1.0 House Project (funded by CITPAR – 2002-2003). Awards/scholarships: Research productivity scholarship (CNPq) since 2003; Academic Merit – UFPR – 2009; CAPES-Emerald Award (research project) - 2009; highly Commended Award (paper), Literati Club - Emerald (England) (2002); Visiting Scholar Placement, Glasgow Caledonian University - 2001; Research Fellowship, Salford University – 1999.

His publications include 36 journal papers; 7 books; 9 book chapters and 113 conference papers. He is also the author of 3 submitted patents.